Memory Laine

A sitcom about dying


A TV show about fear, college, and learning to love the band geek inside all of us.


Dude Ranch

A group of unsuspecting men discover their dream vacation is a finishing school for the terminal "dude".

Short Stuff:

From fairy tales to twisted sequels, here are some of my little ditties.

A Taste For Ginger

An ode to redheads, because red headed men are the best thing humanity has to offer.

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The Sneaker

Two boys, a messy house, and an epic adventure in search of one lost shoe.

Longer Stuff:

A few of my TV pilots and screenplays.

Harold and Mauve

The much-needed sequel to Harold and the Purple Crayon, examining the boy's dark teen years and the old fading crayon that saves him.

Just Me:A Fairly Tale for the Practical

A regular Joe and girl called She show Princes and Princess don't know anything about love.


My homage to When Harry Met Sally, where ex-lovers give each other some much-needed perspective.